HackTheBox: Irked - Writeup

date_range 15/05/2019 07:53

HackTheBox: Irked was a fairly easy machine which was mostly a CTF style machine on linux with some privilege escalation.

HackTheBox: Optimum - Writeup

date_range 04/05/2019 17:54

HackTheBox: Optimum was a fairly easy machine which involved exploiting CVE’s to get a reverse shell and system privileges.

HackTheBox: Blue - Writeup

date_range 23/04/2019 17:54

HackTheBox: Blue was the simplest machine i have done, was easy to get into using a popular exploit.

HackTheBox: Granny - Writeup

date_range 20/04/2019 06:30

HackTheBox: Granny was another easy machine to get into, Privilege escalation was problematic but it was a good lesson on how to deal with broken exploits.

HackTheBox: Lame - Writeup

date_range 20/04/2019 05:30

HackTheBox: Lame was a really simple machine which only took a few minutes to get into. This was my first HTB machine i did.