HackTheBox Craft - Writeup

date_range 23/07/2019 17:00

A Writeup on HackTheBox Craft (Medium box).

HackTheBox: Bashed - Writeup

date_range 15/05/2019 18:04

HackTheBox: Bashed was more of a CTF style machine and is ranked as easy on HTB.

HackTheBox: Devel - Writeup

date_range 15/05/2019 17:20

HackTheBox: Devel was an easy machine to root. It involved using basic enumeration techniques to get root access.

HackTheBox: Grandpa - Writeup

date_range 15/05/2019 15:00

HackTheBox: Grandpa is a similar machine to Granny on HTB. Both the machines can be used for the same attack origin. However, i’ve done this one different to Granny to practice metasploit more. Process migration was used in this machine to migrate an exploit to another process.

HackTheBox: Nibbles - Writeup

date_range 15/05/2019 09:42

HackTheBox: Nibbles is a easy 20 point machine on HTB which involved mostly exploiting a web server. I found this machine quite fun and is one of my favourite HTB machine with the methods used to exploit it.